North American Bancard Agent Program

North American Bancard

North American Bancard Agent Programs are created by manufacturers of goods, service providers, or intermediaries that help businesses sell products or services.

The basic principle of work: the partner helps the company to sell their goods or services, and for this, the company pays the partner - a percentage of the transaction or a fixed amount.

Let's analyze with a simple example of how the work with North American Bancard agent is arranged:

• The partner places advertising materials on his website that generate a flow of traffic to the advertiser's website;

• Some people buy a product or service

• The advertiser pays a partner a reward for transactions.

This is a private example, all advertisers and affiliates differ in terms of work.

The effectiveness of cooperation depends on the choice of an affiliate program. You need to determine what type of program is right for you. And this is connected not only with your desire to earn money but also with what type of traffic you have, how much the product is suitable for your audience, how you placed advertising materials and other factors.

The format of remuneration payment is one of the options for choice, but not the only one. For 2020, the most popular payment formats are:

1. Pay Per Click (PPC - pay per click). The webmaster places pre-selected advertising materials on the site. When visitors click on them and go to the advertiser's website, the webmaster receives a reward to his personal account.

2. Pay per view (PPV - pay per view). Website owners receive money for the number of impressions of advertising materials. Traditionally, every thousand impressions are paid (CPM - cost per mile). The number of clicks on the link does not matter and is not taken into account to form a reward.

3. Payment per sale (PPS - pay per sale). After clicking on the affiliate link, the user gets to the advertiser's site. The webmaster receives a reward in the form of deductions of a percentage of the purchase amount. Often collaboration is offered by online stores.

Payment for actions (PPL - pay per lead). The remuneration is formed during the actions of users on the advertiser's website. North American Bancard agent program offers to pay for registration, downloading files, watching videos, filling out profiles, etc. On the Internet, this is often called pay per lead.

In all formats of payment, there are two sides - one side earns on attracting people, and the other on the sale of goods or services. The choice of format is based on what is most beneficial for each of the parties.

Affiliate Traffic Sources

The most important thing is that your traffic should be interested in a product or service. You cannot sell BMW to a child who was looking for where to watch a cartoon.

It is important to distinguish traffic geographically. North American Bancard agent program offers organic traffic and the requirements for traffic sources.

For example, citizens of North America will not be interested in tours departing from Washington. You cannot sell tickets to Washington cinemas if the main audience of your project is in North America, and vice versa.

As a rule, targeted traffic works best in affiliates, since you need to sell goods and services. In search of quality traffic North American Bancard agent program pays attention to the main sources:

• Search engines;

• Contextual advertising;

• Banner advertising;

• Teaser advertising;

• Email marketing

Article marketing;

• Social networks.

We deliberately ignored Click-Under, iFrame, Toolbar, and other black traffic. In many affiliate programs, it is prohibited.

Traffic from Google Ads advertising networks is an excellent source for those who do not have their own project. Despite the fact that this traffic is white and when the advertising campaign is set up correctly, the target one, be careful, as contextual advertising is prohibited by the North American Bancard agent program.

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